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Mommy” is an explo­sive drama from Que­bec native Xavier Dolan who at the age of 25 is mak­ing quite a name for him­self. His lat­est drama exam­ines the tumul­tuous rela­tion­ship between a wid­owed mother, Diane (played by Anne Dor­val), and her son Steve (Antoine-Olivier Pilon) who has a severe case of ADHD. The atmos­phere in their home is fright­en­ing. The two argue, using strong lan­guage. At one point, a verbal…

Paulzeye interviews CBC film critic Eli Glasner

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Inter­view by Paul Stathakis | Sep­tem­ber 7, 2014   Paulz­eye: Talk to us a lit­tle about your­self. What per­suaded you to become an arts reporter and film critic?   Eli Glas­ner: Well essen­tially I was a behind-the-scenes chase pro­ducer at CBC Radio when one of our film colum­nists moved on.  I had stud­ied film, in par­tic­u­lar screen­writ­ing at York Uni­ver­sity, it was my first love. When…

The 10 Films of 2013


Selec­tions by Paul Stathakis | March 1, 2014: A year of intense deter­mi­na­tion. A year of scams. A year of brav­ery. A year of slav­ery. A year of racial prej­u­dice. A year of argu­ing in the name of love. A year of youth mis­un­der­stood. A year of apoc­a­lyp­tic pro­por­tions. A year of fan­tasy. A year of a father, a son, and their spe­cial jour­ney. A year that would…

All Is Lost

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Sail­ing 1,700 nau­ti­cal miles from Suma­tra Straits in a small yacht by his lone­some is Our Man (played by Robert Red­ford). His open­ing mono­logue is nar­rated and hints at a per­sonal con­flict. Sur­pris­ingly, that is one of the rare bits of dia­logue in “All Is Lost.” Mostly word­less, the feel­ing of alone­ness is inescapable. A col­li­sion with a float­ing cargo con­tainer leaves the yacht in…