Review by Paul Stathakis | 2002

A misfire

Come the summer, everyone expects to go to theater and see at least one cool summer flick. Although “Bad Company”, directed by Joel Schumacher, doesn’t really fit into that category, it’s amusing nonetheless. The film stars Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins and comedian Chris Rock. Hopkins plays a sharp and smart CIA agent, Gaylord Oakes who is forced to pair up with Rock, who has two roles in the film: one as a CIA agent, Kevin Pope, who gets killed and the other as Kevin’s long-lost identical twin brother, Jake Hayes, who happens to be ticket scalper from New Jersey. Jakes ends up being recruited by the CIA to cover for his brother in order to complete a top-secret mission which consisits of keeping a nuclear weapon off the black market. That’s where all the fun begins.

“Bad Company” is certainly a comedy, but one that blends in a little action on the side. I must admit that it was great seeing Anthony Hopkins do a little “running around” at his age. Rock, on the other hand, is the one who did not convince me one bit. He’s constant “joking around” makes his character really dull and unbelievable and, sometimes, even a little annoying.

What about the story? It’s very simple and is nothing original. In fact, many things move relatively fast in the film and we, as viewers, don’t have enough time to grasp everything presented. The film reaks with exaggeration and this its major problem. Many of the devices and gadgets in the film are unrealistic, yet they’re used to save the day in the toughest of situations – making the viewer sit back and say “Give me a break!”. As for directing, I think Joel Schumacher did an okay job. Sometimes, the camera moves a little fast and we lose track of who is who.

Bottom line: “Bad Company” isn’t all that bad, but it’s been done before. I’ll recommend the film only if you’re in the mood for Rock’s jokes, Hopkins’ slick acting, and a little action too. It could’ve been a lot worse, but it’s acceptable and worth a viewing. I really enjoyed certain scenes.


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